Caring For Enewton

how should I care for my enewton gold jewelry?

We are proud to claim that enewton gold jewelry is water resistant!  We do recommend avoiding direct contact between your pieces and any harsh chemicals, which can be found in perfumes, cosmetics, and soaps, as they can cause the beautiful finish to darken much more quickly than they should.  Gently wiping the product down to remove chemicals from the surface of your pieces is the best approach when caring for your gold-filled jewelry.  To clean, simply use a soft cloth with warm water.  For a deep clean, our team loves using "Sparkle Bright Products All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner".  We cannot guarantee that once a piece has darkened due to exposure that it can be salvaged, which is why it is important to take proper care steps throughout the lifetime of your jewelry so that you can enjoy your special pieces for many years to come! 

how should I care for my enewton silver jewelry?

To maintain your jewelry’s bright silver shine, we suggest that you remove your jewelry before exposure to water. Additionally, exposure to certain chemicals or environments will result in darkening of the natural silver. The product’s bright color can be restored using the cleaning method below:  We recommend using a mild soap and water mixture or silver cleaning solution to polish and restore luster. For more advanced cleaning you may use a soft polishing cloth.

how should I care for my enewton gemstone jewelry?

We recommend that you avoid contact between your gemstones and water, as natural gemstones are porous and can become damaged from exposure.

how should I care for my enewton pearl jewelry?

enewton offers crystals with a satin pearl finish.  We recommend that you avoid contact between your enewton pearls and water/chemicals.

how should I care for my enewton beaded chokers?

When not being worn, we strongly recommend that you lay your pieces on a flat surface to avoid chain over-stretching from the weight of the beads.  We are proud to say that 100% of our gold products are 14k gold-filled and can be enjoyed at all times for worry-free wear. Because we choose to work with precious metals for their resistance to tarnishing, unfortunately the delicate chain necklaces can stretch - as all chains made of precious metals can inevitably stretch. 14k gold-fill is a softer more malleable metal than say, iron or steel, thus can stretch and thin if not properly cared for. Tugging and improper storage can both be culprits of chain stretching.