Why we love Soulshine…


Soulshine Design is an amazing combination of unique and eclectic style and bohochic design. Whether you are the bold fashonista or just looking to accentuate the everyday ensemble, we have the perfect piece of jewelry for you!


We are strong believers that every item should be unique and stand out amongst the rest. That being said, every item you see here is a true one of a kind. We believe in the power of healing stones so we try to use gemstones that aid in mental health and well being in today’s stressful world. Inventory changes frequently so check back often!


Located in Northern Virginia, just minutes from Washington DC, Soulshine Design is “Handcrafted jewelry designed to help your mind, body, and soul shine.”


Why we love Poppa Nem

We are so excited to have Poppa Nem as wood working creator.  His work and creativity continues to amaze us.

He has always worked with wood but in the beginning it was for functional pieces of furniture for his family.  After 41 years of teaching in Prince William County Schools, he retired and turned to woodworking as  more of a creative outlet.  As a Grandfather of 11 grandchildren, puzzles and toys are always on demand.

Please come by and check out his work.  Each piece is one of a kind and can be re-created but not replicated.


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State signs…

Below are just a few.  If your state is not below we can order for you.  Each state is a different size.  The wooden hearts can be placed in your home town.

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Why we love Mona B…


A fresh new and bold line, eco-friendly and fashionably chic, blending the best of urban American fashion trends.


The Mona B woman is free-spirited, adventurous…with a little panache and a lot of femininity.  She appreciates an artful combo of fashion and function.


Each bag in the Mona B Collection is an exclusive one-of-a-kind creation, made with carefully selected wedges of up-cycled and durable truck tarps and military tents sunbaked, weathered and cured from the Indian deserts and jungles.  The wedges are then hand stitched and screen printed to tell a unique story with an adventurous flair.


A Mona B collection brings out the best of intrigue, innuendo and inspiration in every piece it creates.

Be Fearlessly Authentic

Grad Gifts…

Still looking for those last minute grad gifts.  Pop by we have lots cute items for those entering college or those entering the “Real World!!!”

Small-Bags-Crossbodys Shoulder_bags_3 Small-Accessories Messengers_2

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Lenny and Eva has a great new personalized bracelet…

Contact us directly to order yours.  ph. 703.282.6925 or Melissa@TotallyVintageDesign.com


Why We Love Our Lenny & Eva Jewelry…

lenny and eva

Our mission at Lenny & Eva is to inspire women of all ages, in all walks of their lives.  Each sentiment is selected and designed to encourage women to be brave, live compassionately, and be the best version of themselves. The company is named after founder Kellie Fitzpatrick’s two great-grandmothers, who embodied these characteristics throughout their lives.

We are dedicated to creating jobs in our community and in our country. Through hard work, the Lenny & Eva family is proud to offer an inspiring collection of jewelry that is not only designed in the USA, but also entirely Made in the USA. Our home office in Baxter, Tennessee houses our customer service center, warehouse and design center. From there, designs are sent to craftsmen in Rhode Island who bring them to life. Each piece is carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials.

Our vision and purpose are much greater than just being a fashion accessory. We are inspired by your stories and your reasons for choosing us. With Lenny & Eva, Your Collection is Your Story®, and we are excited to be a part of yours.  We are committed to evolving our brand to include fresh designs each season, but always staying true to our roots.



Lenny & Eva creates beautiful, interchangeable jewelry with a much bigger purpose-to inspire women. Choose the “sentiment” that speaks to you, then clip your daily mantra on the bracelet style of your choice. Collect different sentiments to remind yourself to dream bigger, work harder, and love more deeply. Each Lenny & Eva piece is proudly “Made in America. Inspired by You.”

There are so many ways to wear this product.  You are only limited to your own creativity.

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Spring Paint Classes

All seats for class must be reserved at least 24 hours prior to class.

 paint schedule

Small Group Paint Class

Includes everything need for class.

Beginning Paint Class

Classes are small group.  4-7 people per class.

This two hour workshop is for beginners who have little to no knowledge or experience with the use of chalk clay and mineral based paints.  The class focuses on how to use our paints as well as hands-on experience using different layering and texture techniques.  We will also teach you how to use our various finishes.

We provide everything you need for this class including a special project you will be able to finish during your time with us and take home with you.  This is a great idea for a gift or for yourself!  We have lots of fun, laughter and encouragement in our classes, we enjoy sharing our painting experiences with people and are excited to see the fun our students have while learning.

One-On-One Paint Class

One-On-One tutorials are for those who want to learn how to  use chalk-based paints with piece of your own furniture.   The general rule of thumb is that if you can carry it into the shop, we will teach you how to use our paint, mica, and/or waxes.    These classes allow you to learn how easy it is to make a dramatic change to a piece of furniture and hopefully gives you the confidence to take on larger pieces at home.

Since we charge by the hour, we recommend a small piece of furniture to learn on – but a piece that you will use in your home so that you have a “new” addition to your decor.      Examples are side tables, shelves, step stools, small cabinets or chairs.    You can save time if you prep the piece by removing hardware and taping glass before you bring it to our shop.    Since our paints are so easy to use and adhere to almost any surface, sanding or priming the piece is not necessary.

Basic cost is $50 per hour and includes the paints and supplies.   For those who want to bring a friend and an additional piece, the pro-rated cost is an additional $25 per hour.

Excited to announce a new class!!!


More Before and Afters



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IMG_2722 IMG_2927

IMG_3223 IMG_3225