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Drink bomb

My Drink Bomb 2 pack

My Drink Bomb 2 pack

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Original Drink Bombs are artisan handcrafted cocktail drink mixers made with natural ingredients (no alcohol), organic herbs, and 24K gold. (True story.) Simply drop a bomb into your favorite carbonated beverage (soda/pop, beer, champagne, sparkling water, club soda…), add some ice and alcohol if you wish, and stir. One (1.25 oz) drink bomb makes one serving. Two Fish carries 11 flavors!

In case you need a refresher…

  • Bellini Blush: the taste of fresh peaches pairs nicely with sparkling wine

  • Pina Colada: tropical combination of coconut and pineapple; just add rum

  • Margarita: citrus-y lime flavor best with soda and tequila; feel free to salt the rim

  • Moscow Mule: notes of ginger and lime to pair with ginger ale or beer

  • Spicy Margarita: the classic margarita plus a little heat

  • Lavender Lush: tart and sweet with a hint of vanilla and lavender; add to chilled vodka, iced tea, or water

  • Hangover: activated charcoal and zesty tangerine extract to help reduce headaches and release toxins

  • Cosmo: combines citrus and cranberry for the perfect blend of sweet and tart

  • Limoncello: lemon zesty-ness to pair with gin or vodka.

  • Prosecco Rose: organic Bulgarian rosebuds, rose water, and elder flower with pressed edible 24K gold and vegan gold dust; best with sparkling wine or Prosecco with a splash of sparking soda.

  • Old Fashioned: the flavors of rum, bitters, and sugar to bomb your club soda; serve over ice with a twist and a cherry

  • Coconut Mojito fresh combination of mint, lime, coconut, and cane sugar—add some rum, of course! Garnish with fresh mint and there you have it! It can’t get any simpler than that.
  • Arnold Palmer is a non-alcoholic beverage that combines iced tea and lemonade.
  • Blueberry Lemonade Fresh dehydrated blueberries and lemon drink bomb just add sparking water and shot of vodka turn ordinary lemonade in a sensational summertime cocktail!
  • Cherry Blossom Drink BombTM captures the flavor of spring with edible flowers, wild cherry and floral notes. For the perfect Blossom Martini, pair it with gin or champagne. This is a fragrant and lovely cocktail.
  • Peacharita is delightfully tasty with a bit of a zing, thanks to the taste of southern peaches and south-of-the-border tang from margaritas.
  •  Michelada, it is basically the Mexican version of a Bloody Mary. Clamato juice is often used in place of tomato juice, and a cerveza is used rather than vodka. 
  • Lavender Lush Drink BombTM is tart and sweet with a hint of vanilla, and has just the right amount of lavender to sooth your soul.
  • Bubble Gum:  childhood classic as we give you the same flavor you’ve known and loved all these years
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