The Rumors are True… We are moving…

If you have not see or heard we are officially moving to Center Street.  We are so excited.  We will be tripling our space.  We will offer more classes and will be able to increase our class size.  We will also have more inventory.  For those of you who are not local that means our online store will be increasing as well.  This is the current site

So to help lighten the move we have some great sales going on in the store.  moving-signs-1

We are feverishly painting before all of the new fixtures and dressing rooms go in.


img_5283-recoveredAfter (well at least the back wall is done)


We will continue to update you on our progress.  We are planning to open at the new location on October 18th.  Our last day on Battle Street will be the Saturday the 15th of October.

Thank you for your support

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