Before and After: our new location

After 18 long months of searching we finally stumbled upon our new location. I have to admit when I walked in the first time I thought “Um, NO!!!” Look at it, wouldn’t you???

Well it grew on me and I started thinking about all of the possibilities.  I kept thinking back to the front of the building and how great it would be if we added built-ins to the windows.

store front

We signed the lease the day after the building across the street fell during a windstorm.  We were very nervous because they did not want us to go in and the only access was through the front door. So the city came and took down what was left of the building.  Yes I have video but I’m not technically savvy enough to put it here on the blog…

And yes, that is the yellow police tape!

While they were working outside across the street we were pulling permits and doing work on the inside of our new space.  We made it a family affair…


This doorway was widened for us by our awesome landlord. Notice the black ceilings?

Many hours later they were were white.  It was already starting to get brighter.  YAY!!!

Remember the wallpaper and messed up floors? More hours of love and sweat would fix those, too.

We used a little help from the kids.  I think they enjoyed the contest – who could pull off the biggest pieces?

Bye-bye ugly brown painted ceiling and stripes.  Previous tenants loved that brown – they even used it on all of the doors and vents.

Paint does wonderful things to spaces…

Then came the floors…

I think I had to remind my husband multiple times how much he loved me. Ha-ha, thanks dear!  I was so grateful to everyone who helped get the place ready.

A special “Thank You” to:

Gabe (flooring, wallpaper-peeler, running Daddy Daycare while mom and I worked), Dad (painter, wallpaper-peeler, electrical plug changer), Mom (everything doer as well as helping with the kids), Kids (wallpaper peelers), Todd (plumbing trim and flooring).  And Grey Hunt Interiors for helping us with our color palette. We could not have opened up as quickly as we did without you guys!

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