Cleaning painted knobs and handles

We all see things on Pinterest among other places. I have been working on a desk for my son’s room and the previous owner painted the entire piece canary yellow, including the handles.  Not the perfect color for a 10 year old boy.


This was great no smell.  No chemicals.  All you need is a pan of boiling water, tongs, a towel and a wire brush.  Drop the painted handles in the boiling water.  Let boil for about 5mins.


Paint will begin to fall of with simple tongs.  Use tongs to take the handles out one at a time.


I was able to use the towel to clean most of the paint off by wiping with the towel.  I used wire brush to remove paint in cracks.  If there are any stubborn spots just place them back in the boiling water for a few minutes.


And after 15 minutes I was done.  Super easy and they look great and are waiting for me to finish the piece.IMG_3838[1]

And the Finished product..

.IMG_3846[1] IMG_3847[1]


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