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Excellent primer and finish paint for interior walls and surfaces, provides consolidation for new sheetrock without the use of an additional primer, permitting a 2 coat paint system for new sheetrock. A non-acrylic paint product providing superior adhesion than typical acrylic or waterborne paints. Faux Real Mineral Paint can be used as a primer for new sheetrock, sheetrock repairs and as a finish paint for prepainted wall and ceilings. Paint product can also be applied to interior wood and brick surfaces.


A 87% natural mineral product, highly permeable, breathable, absorbs CO2, provides good anchoring power with mineral surfaces by petrifaction (water glass); substrate anchor on smooth and rough surfaces. Provides protection against the formation of bacteria that forms mold. Product is considered an Eco-sustainable product, ideal for use in homes, schools, and hospitals, and work sensitive areas. This paint product is an oil proof, washable matte finish, that cannot be damaged by foods, greases, body oils, color crayons, or washable colored markers. Cleaning does not essentially change the sheen of the paint. Paint touch-ups are simple and do not require whole wall repaints. Faux Real Mineral Paint is specifically designed to be tinted with natural oxide earth tints and 0% VOC colorants to increase esthetic color values with minimal impact to the environment and to provide toxic free air quality for indoors. Faux Real Mineral Paint is an Eco-sustainable paint material as described in the Eco Category description.

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