Why Faux Real Paint vs the Others?


Faux Real Mineral Paint has Zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), far beyond any regulation required to label paint products as having “Zero VOCs”.

Faux Real Mineral Paint contains Potassium Silicate which is a liquid mineral as well as CaCo3 (a form of chalk).



Faux Real Certo (Clear) Varnish is a water based polyurethane (protection for hard surfaces like cabinets, furniture and floors) with very low solvent and VOC content (50 g/l). It is REVOLUNTIONARY compared to most polyurethane varnish systems having 500 g/l of VOCs and up!  (Does not have the strong smell as other Polyurethanes on the mark.)


Faux Real Mineral Paint performs so well that it is its own built-in primer!

Faux Real Mineral Paint has a sheen technology in its paint product that will not allow grease, oil or food stains to pass through it. Literally, molecularly, such items as grease, oil and food are too large and will absolutely sit on the surface of the paint until you wipe it off.


Our wax is a molecular structure of large similar units (or elements) that have been bonded together. A technology that is presented in liquid form making it easier to apply and originating from Europe. And again, European standards that meet extremely stringent (more so, than here in the US) environmental and health regulations. For example, other chalk paints (that I do not know) that they have added elements to. You can’t have the type of odor in their wax with out elements being added. In short: Our wax is the formulation of a new polymer wax technology that is presented in liquid form which makes it easier to apply.  Its revolutionary but ancient in history!

Faux Real Mineral Paint is offering the cleanest and eco-sustainable faux finishing paint products available on the market today.

Faux Real Mineral Paint and related products offers step by step instructions on each product label for ease of use.

If you are a store interested in adding this line to your store please contact us at MidAtlantic@fauxrealcompany.com

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